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  • NEW APPLICANTS ~ PLEASE NOTE:  This page is only for artists that are already listed at EC. If you are not yet included at the gallery, you must first send in your application: [ GO TO FORM ]

  • Updating Your CURRENT Listing at EC Gallery

    If you need to make changes to your existing listing at EC Gallery, please use the form below.

    There is no charge for the following changes only:
    · You have a new website address (URL);
    · or you need for us to add the cart icon because you now have online ordering;
    · or you need to change the location (town/state or town/country) for your studio because you have moved;
    · or your own personal name has changed (Note: We do not list by studio or business name at EC Gallery).
    However... There is a $5 charge to change your listing description, so if you want to do that, please use the contact form below to let us know and we will instruct you on making this payment.

    Please complete both of the 2 short sections below ~ we need this info for our own records:

    STEP 1:  Your Contact Information...

    Please provide the name that you have used for your listing at EC Gallery:
  • Artist Name:
    What is your correct email address that you are NOW USING to receive email:
  • Email:
    Is this the same email you used when you started at EC? Yes     No - it is new
    If new, what was the OLD address?

    STEP 2:  Your Current Listing Details As Seen at EC...

    Use this pull down menu to indicate your CATEGORY / MEDIUM at EC Gallery:

      [click arrow, then scroll]

    What is the website address URL that we have on file now for your existing listing at EC:
  • URL on file:

  • Important! Where on your own website can we find the return link to EC Gallery:

  • Home Page
    Links Page
    Other ... Please describe
    NOTE:  If you need to get the EC logo for your site, you can do so at our [ LOGO PAGE ]

    STEP 3 - What is the purpose of this update submission?
    Please indicate in this position *any free changes* that you would like us to make (such as a new website URL, studio location, cart icon, or change of your own name):
    Note that there is a $5 fee for changes to your 15 word description. If such an update is necessary, please use the field below (we will email you our secure cart page address for the $5 payment):
  • Please check this box if you are requesting a change to your listing description:
  • I understand there is a charge for this description change

    STEP 4 - SUBMIT...
  • Please do NOT send until you check to make sure all information is typed correctly (especially your email address & URL).
  • Note that the following fields are required ~ the form will not send unless they are completed: Your name: your current email; and the URL on file.
  • Then, firmly press once only until the button below darkens & "blinks"
  • If for any reason this form does not send correctly, please

  • Finally... Like most websites we are occasionally plagued with automated bots that abuse online forms. To help thwart them we have added this simple question that only a human can answer. Add the answer in the box below, then click the "Submit" button:
    How much is 2 + 2 ?
    Click to...
    If the email form will not properly send, you can write to us directly at:
    EC Email

    THANK YOU!   We'll be in touch after the changes are in place at EC Gallery...

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